• Research in progress: bare nominals (nominals without a(n overt) determiner) in Wolof.
  • Research in progress: the morphosyntax of participial constructions (verbal passive, adjectival passive, and absolute participle) in Brazilian Portuguese.


  • Proper movement through Spec-CP: an argument from hyperraising in Mongolian. Handout (EGG VIII, Buenos Aires, Aug/2018). Poster (NELS 49, Cornell, Oct/2018). Paper (accepted with revisions at Glossa).
  • A featural and edge-based analysis of hyper-raising. Handout (MIT Ling-Lunch, Dec/2017). Poster (LSA 2018, SLC). Proceedings paper (LSA 2018, SLC).
  • A raising analysis of accusative subjects in Mongolian. Handout (ConCall-3, Indiana University, Mar/2018).

Gerund clauses in BP

  • Construindo um domínio não-finito: a sintaxe de orações de gerúndio em português brasileiro. Master’s thesis, Universidade de São Paulo, 2015: USP’s digital library.
  • English translation (Building a nonfinite domain: the syntax of gerund clauses in Brazilian Portuguese): LingBuzz